Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leftover Chicken - Thai Broth

A really simple and tasty use for that leftover chicken and home made stock after you have had a roast.

Leftover Chicken
Homemade Chicken Stock
Vegetable Oil
*Garlic Cloves
*Green Chillies
*Lemon Grass stick
Fresh Ginger
Red Chilli, if you want a bit more zing

*(you can sometimes get these four all together in little packs in supermarkets)

1] Gently fry off the finely chopped Shallots in a little Oil.
2] When the Shallots start browning, add the crushed Garlic and stir for 30 seconds so as to avoid burning the Garlic.
3] Add a generous amount of Chicken Stock and set the heat to a simmer.
4] Add in the bruised Lemon Grass, sliced Chilli, a chunk of the Galangal and some finely sliced Ginger.
5] Simmer until the liquid reduces, add the shredded Chicken and turn the heat off.
6] Let it sit for as long as you like so the flavours infuse the Chicken.
7] Gently reheat and, if needed, reduce the liquid as desired.
8] Serve over rice of your choice, and for a but more zing grate some Red Chilli over the top.

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