Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuffed Tenderloin of Pork

We got some lovely Pork Tenderloin the other day, so this is one I played with.
Smiles all around ;)

Pork Filling:
Olive Oil
Chorizo (Finely diced)
Onion (Finely diced)
Garlic (As much as you like)
Unsalted Butter
Fresh Rosemary (Cut finely, as small as you can)
Lemon Juice
Single Cream

Potatoes (Leave the skins on, diced)
Some fresh Herbs for the Potatoes (I used Lemon Thyme)
Beetroot (Precooked from a pack, easy to chunk and nice and sweet)

Pork Tenderloin

1] Get the oven on, full heat. This is to get the Potatoes going before you turn the heat down for the Pork.
2] Warm a little Olive Oil in a pan and gently fry the diced Chorizo. 5 minutes or so.
3] Spoon out the Chorizo, holding back that lovely oil.
4] Add a little Butter and throw in the Onions and let them colour a little, then add the Garlic... Stir so the Garlic doesn't burn. Throw in the Rosemary, 30 Seconds! Then take off the heat while stiring and adding in the Cream. (You could try adding the Cream while on the heat to reduce it a little).
5] Splash the Lemon Juice in, stir the Chorizo in and put the pan aside to let the filling cool off.
6] Massage the diced Potatoes in some herbs (I used Lemon Thyme)and Olive Oil in the baking tray, throw the chunked Beetroot at the other end of the tray. Get them in the oven on the top shelf for a few minutes while you prep the Loin.
7] Get the Pork Loin on a board and cut it in, almost, in half... (Butterfly it?)
8] Get messy and fill the Pork Sandwich with the half the filling mix.
9] Tie the pork with string and put in the oven on a lightly oiled baking tray. Reduce heat to Gas 4. Give the Potatoes an Beetroot a quick stir at this point.
10] At Gas 4 the Pork is going to take about 60 minutes. But the Beetroot and Potatoes will be done before that.
11] Set your timer for 20 minutes and put two serving dishes to warm, one for the Beetroot, one for the Potatoes.
12] After the 20 minute timer the Beetroot should be done. Move them to the serving dish and mix up the Potatoes to finish off. Set the timer for how long you think they will take, about 15 minutes.
13] I had some trimmings from the Pork to start off a nice sauce.
14] Gently fry off the Pork trimmings in some Olive Oil.
15] Splash in some White Wine and let it reduce.
16] Add the rest of your filling mix, stir and reduce while the Pork finishes cooking.
17] Let the Pork rest for 5 minutes on a board before you slice it and plate up.
18] Deglaze the roasting tray with some White Wine and add it to your sauce pan.
18] Add the Beetroot and any juices from the vegetable baking tray into the sauce mix to serve.

Fry off the Chorizo in a little Olive Oil.

Get the Chorizo nicely crisped, but not burnt...

Spoon the Chorizo out leaving the lovely coloured oil. Add a little Butter.

Gently colour the Onions.

Add your Garlic being careful not to burn them. Add the Rosemary.

Stir in the cooked Chorizo.

Mix the Cream into the filling mix. Let it cool.

Cut the Pork Loin.

Fill the Pork with half the filling mix and tie up with string.

Get the Potatoes and Beet in the oven.

For the sauce, fry off any Pork trimmings in some Olive Oil.

Add the rest of your filling mix.

Deglaze the Pork pan and add to the sauce mix.

Add some more White Wine and/or Cream to the sauce if you wish.

Let the Pork rest for 5 minutes.

Add the Beetroot to the sauce.

Slice the Pork and serve.

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