Friday, April 23, 2010

Fish Pie

1 Onion
2 Cloves
2 Bay Leaves
300ml Milk
150ml Single or Double Cream
350g Haddock or Cod fillet
Unsalted Butter
Plain Flour
Maris Piper or King Edward Potatoes for mash topping

1] Slice the Onion and add it to a pan with the Cloves and Bay Leaves.
2] Pour in the Milk and Cream, then lay the Fish Fillets in.
3] Warm slowly until it is just about to come to the boil.
4] Turn the heat down so the liquid simmers gently for 8 minutes.
5] Lift the Fish out and strain the cooking liquid into a bowl.
6] Lightly Butter your ovenproof dish and flake the Fish into it, keeping the flakes pretty chunky.
7] Melt some Butter in a pan over a low heat. Sprinkle in some Flour and continuosly whisk until you get a nice roux.
8] Take it off the heat and slowly whisk in the cooking liquid. Return to the heat and bring it to the boil while whisking.
9] Simmer the liquid for about 10 minutes until you can't taste the Flour.
10] Retrive the Onions from the sieve, finely chop them and add them to the liquid.
11] Grate in some fresh Nutmeg to your taste.
11] Add the liquid to your Fish and let it rest for 1 hour.
12] Peel, chunk and boil your Potatoes.
13] Finely chop some Capers.
14] Mash the Potatoes with a little Butter and Milk to your liking.
15] Fold in the Capers to the Mash.
16] Gently lay the Mash over the Fish and spike the Mash however you wish so the peaks colour when it cooks.
17] Bake in a pre-heated oven at gas mark 6/200C/400F for 30-40 minutes.
18] Let it sit for 10 minutes to cool off a little before serving.

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