Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sesame Prawn Toast

Totally non authentic chinese, as far as I know, but offered up in most UK chinese resturants. Usually badly done from pre prepared packs. Having said that, I have some had some great versions in Soho [thick, overladen with the topping of prawns, that have been delicious]. Hence my experiment below.

I confess to using shop bought bags of frozen, ready to go prawns here, they come in at 400g around here.
So, make the whole batch as follows for your dinner party, then enjoy the rest of the mix left over the next day as a traditional chinese wonton stuffing, or just plain and easy as deep fried balls. [roll them into 2cm ball, then drop then into hot groundnut oil, just to get a crust on them, as the contents are cooked already]

Notes: This is based on a recipe by Ken Hom, who recommends using uncooked prawns. By all means, use uncooked as long as you know their freshness etc, and you can put the extra time in by getting fresh-from-the-sea live ones.

1 slice of good quality shop bought sliced white bread per person. (This falls into the Nigel Slater area of you cannot beat a fishfinger sandwich made with shop bought white bread).
400g bag of frozen, cooked Prawns
1 Egg
1 bunch of Spring Onions [4/5 of them]
2cm bit of Ginger chopped very finely
Dash of light Soy Sauce
Dash of Sesame Oil
[sorry to be vague on those last two, but it depends on your tastes. More soy, and it will add a salty taste, more sesame, and it will be nuttier, more ginger, it will be....]
Sesame Seeds
Groundnut Oil for deep frying

1] Roghly chop the Spring Onions and Ginger.
2] Put the Prawns into a food processor, add the Egg, Spring Onions, Ginger, Soy and Sesame Oil.
3]Whiz it for a bit, stop, push the missed bits down into the mix, then whiz again for a few moments. The texture should be tangible, dont go for pate smooth.
[this can sit in the fridge, cling filmed, until you are ready to go]
4] Heat up your Groundnut Oil over a medium heat, being as careful as always with hot oil...
5] Generously spread the mixture over the bread, sprinkle the Sesame Seeds over the top and press down gently to make them stick. Prepare as many sliced as you need.
6] Cut the covered bread into 'soldiers', say 4 per slice.
7] Deep fry them, sesame seed side up, until they brown, say 3-5 minutes. Don't overcrowd the pan, do them in batches.
8] Drain them on kitchen paper, pop them in a warm oven, while you finish them all. Serve.

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