Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pigeon Breasts with Madeira and Cream sauce.

2/3 skinless Pigeon Breasts per person
Plain Flour
Fresh Salt and Pepper
English Mustard powder
Butter (Clarified preferably)
Some rich Stock (Demi-glace) or Duck Stock
Whipping Cream

1] Butterfly the breasts and coat them in the flour, salt, pepper and mustard.
2] Fry the Breasts in the Butter and Oil for a few minutes each side.
3] Keep the cooked Breasts warm, do them in batches so as not to crowd the pan.
4] Deglaze the pan with a good glug of Madeira (warm it before adding it to the pan).
5] Add in your stock, again warmed first.
6] Reduce the mix down by half/third and stir in the Cream off the heat.
7] Further reduce to a texture you are happy with.

Cutting the breasts in two helps them cook evenly, as the breasts tend to take on the shape of rugby balls (if left whole) when you start cooking them.

Expect the sauce to take at least 10 minutes.

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