Saturday, October 01, 2005


2 tins of Chickpeas (Use 'no salt added' if you can get them - This is based on a tin being 425g)
4 Garlic Cloves
4-6 tablespoons Olive Oil
4-8 tablespoons of Tahini paste (They are all different, so use tongue to test)
Juice of at least 1 fresh Lemon
Fresh ground Pepper

1) Drain the Chickpeas (save the liquid in case you need to loosen the mix) and put them in a food processor.
2) Add the Garlic, black pepper, a little Lemon juice, a little Olive oil and some Tahini.
3) Whiz this for a few moments, until you get a rough, but mixed, texture.
4) Taste it. Usually one of the flavours, Tahini, pepper, Lemon, will stand out too much, so use your judgement when adding the rest of the ingredients.

Many spices can be added for fun.
Smoked Paprika either mixed in or just sprinkled on the top when you serve.
Roasted and ground cumin.
Cayenne Pepper.
Ground Coriander.
Fresh chopped Parsley.

Deluxe version
To get a velvety smooth version, spend some time removing the skins from the Chickpeas. Do this by rubbing them together between your palm in a bowl of water. The skins will rise to the surface. It is a real pain, but it does give an amazingly smooth Hummus, something purists will be dead against.

Rustic version
Instead of using a food processor, use a fork, damn hard work, but you end up with a much more texture version, something the purists will applaud.

Update: I was told by a friend the other day that she adds some carbonated water to the mix, she swears by it...

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